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Campus Life

Campus Life addresses the spiritual and cultural part of the Aquinas community. More than a club or a group, it’s the way every student and adult at Aquinas is invited to live the Catholic Christian life and the values that strengthen that. Campus Life is reflected in the very core of our school's mission, formed by the values of the Basilian Fathers and the Sisters of St. Joseph:

 “…to teach ALL students goodness, discipline, and knowledge, supported through gospel values, within a comprehensive curricular and co-curricular program…”

Our Belief Statement calls us to educate the whole student and in doing so create a culture that builds a strong foundation for students to reach the goals set forth in the Profile of an Aquinas Graduate. Campus Life goes beyond this, striving to serve each person - students, families, faculty and staff - without making any distinctions and with the intent to unite persons to one another and all with God through myriad events and activities and the promotion of leadership skills and expression.

Campus Life Components

Campus Ministry

  • Peer Ministry

  • Liturgy

  • Retreat Program


  • Required Community Service Program

  • Senior Service

  • Senior Service Reflection/Advisement Groups     

  • Habitat for Humanity/Community Outreach

Faith Formation

  • Faculty Retreat Program


  • SSJ Women’s Leadership

  • Partnership Opportunities

  • Student Government

Family Outreach

  • Vocations and Career Awareness

  • Vocation Awareness Week

  • Middle School Career Day

  • Sophomore Mock Interviews

  • Alumni Mentoring Program


  • Annual Diversity Celebration Assembly

  • Mix-It-Up Day

  • Diversity Society

Bullying Prevention Program

Team Members

A team of faculty and students comprise Campus Life and work together under the leadership of the Campus Life Coordinator. The team will address issues of school culture, working together with the administration to design and implement programs that further our mission as it relates to our Catholic identity.

  • Campus Life Coordinator

  • Theology Teacher

  • Campus Minister 

  • Director of the SSJ Leadership Program 

  • Moderator for Student Government

  • Priest Chaplain 

  • Student Body President

  • School Counselor 

  • Coach/Athletics Representative