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Richard A. Corbett '56 Boxing Program

The Richard A. Corbett '56 Boxing Program is a time-honored program with a rich tradition of excellence, discipline, motivation, and family. The Aquinas Institute is honored to be one of the only Catholic high schools in the country to offer a phenomenal boxing program.
The mission of the Aquinas Boxing Program is to provide a positive influence in the physical and emotional development of each student participating in the program, in a way that is safe, fun, and encourages academic achievement. The program is about much more than boxing, and in many ways, is a perfect microcosm of the entire AQ experience of excellence, perseverance, community, character, and tradition.
At Aquinas, we focus on educating the whole student. The boxing program is a perfect example and extension of what is taught in the classroom and in our mission to "teach all students Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge supported through Gospel values..."
The program emphasizes the crucial aspects of training and conditioning essential to the sport. Students participating in the program engage in rigorous training that enhances their strength, flexibility, and endurance. Beyond physical benefits, the program educates students and prepares them for the future by boosting their self-confidence, teaching emotional control both in and out of the ring, and demonstrating the value of hard work.

Aquinas Mission Bouts

The Aquinas Mission Bouts, established in 1932, adhere to the rules of amateur boxing with additional regulations to enhance safety. Participants are equipped with headgear, gloves, hand wraps, custom-fit mouthpieces, and foul protectors. To further ensure safety, controlled sparring sessions and careful matching of boxers based on skill level, style, and weight are implemented.
Every March, the AQ community gathers for this exceptional event where our students, both young men and women, showcase their skills and dedication. The Mission Bouts epitomize the true spirit of sacrifice and giving, with proceeds benefiting the Basilian Missions in Mexico and Colombia. This event conveys an important message: through our efforts to help others, we also receive much in return.