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Aquinas Hall of Fame Award

Aquinas Hall of Fame Award Nomination Criteria and Information:

The Aquinas Hall of Fame was established in 1987 to honor Aquinas alumni, 教师, staff and special friends, who are distinctively dedicated to serving their community in a way that upholds the tradition and teachings of this Institute and its mission. The Hall of Fame awards look to honor these individuals who have significant lifetime achievement and service.

The Hall of Fame committee will evaluate the following personal qualities and levels of achievement as a part of the annual process for nomination into the Hall of Fame:

  • Academic and career success

  • Service to the Aquinas community

  • Service to their community

  • Philanthropy 经过漫长的时间, 人才, 和财富

  • 领导

  • 灵性

  • 公众形象

  • Overcoming challenges

In order for the Hall of Fame committee to most effectively do its work, it is critical for the committee to have as much information as possible on each nominee.

Nomination Process

  • We strongly encourage our 校友 and friends of Aquinas to submit nominations for the Hall of Fame awards.

  • Nomination forms are due by January 15 to be considered for the following induction class.

  • Nominees must have graduated from Aquinas a minimum or 10 years prior to the nomination.

  • You must select a category when nominating.

  • For each nominee the “reason for nomination” and “relevant biographical information” must be completed.

  • The nomination form should clearly state how the candidate meets the criteria for the category.

  • Nominees are voted on by the Hall of Fame committee which is made up of 教师, staff, and alumni.

  • Once a decision is made, the inductees are presented to the President and Board of Trustees.

  • Unselected candidates will remain eligible in perpetuity.

星际娱乐平台 Award Criteria

  • Induction honors outstanding athletes for their athletic performance or coaching, leadership and team contributions at Aquinas.

  • Following their tenure at Aquinas, nominees must have maintained a record of good standing in their communities and their chosen fields of endeavor.

  • A minimum of two recipients will be inducted annually into this category.

Team Award Criteria

  • 锦标赛

  • Individual team member honors

  • 记录

  • Impact on Aquinas history

Family Award Criteria

  • Induction honors Aquinas families who demonstrate a commitment to Aquinas and its Christian values, 经过漫长的时间, 人才, 和财富.

  • Induction honors Aquinas families who have multiple (2 or more) generations of Aquinas students/alumni.

Meritorious Service Award Criteria

  • Induction honors candidates who display the allegiance and dedication to the core values and mission of the Institute, representing the “Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge supported through gospel values” that are foremost in the legacy and tradition of The Aquinas Institute.

  • Induction honors an alumnus or special friend and supporter of Aquinas, who represents the Christian values taught at Aquinas. This person should be recognized as having given back to Aquinas and the community in a way that upholds the tradition and teachings of this institute.

  • Qualities for induction include outstanding achievement, selfless dedication, and involvement that has led to the growth and continued development of the Aquinas Institute.

Distinguished Career Award Criteria

  • Induction honors outstanding and widely recognized achievement. The award salutes, 特别是, those who exemplify the standards and objectives of The Aquinas Institute through personal conduct, professional accomplishments and community service.

Aquinas Hall of Fame Inductees: